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Suite Dreams

Christopher Peacock
48 minutes

A musical journey as diverse as your dreams, Peacock's melodic piano travels through a wide variety of styles. This "suite" of musical dreams also features guitar, saxophone, oboe, strings and percussion.

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MY DREAM IS YOU - (Christopher Peacock / Gene Nery)
For all the dreams we share together, the greatest has come true...

SUEÑO DE SAN JUAN - (Christopher Peacock / Gene Nery)
The island's rhythm is all around, always to be seen, for nature keeps our life in motion, its beauty like a dream.

CARIÑOSA - (Gene Nery)
A quiet moment, you and I, when all is said and done, to feel the joy you bring to me... my affectionate one.

DAYDREAM - (Christopher Peacock)
How magical are the wonderful visions we create, of wishful thoughts and beautiful places, when we free the mind and let it soar.

SWEET DREAMS - (Christopher Peacock / Gene Nery)
There is nothing so peaceful as to see you, my child, in a safe and magical world that is all your own.

WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF - (Christopher Peacock)
A bell chimes from deep within, and is quickly shaped by our own ideas, emotions, visions, aspirations and imagination... what dreams are made of.

NIGHT AIR - (J.S. Bach, arr. Peacock)
The cool, crisp air, the brilliant stars above and the stillness of the night have for centuries inspired dreams of perfect harmony.

Limited only by our own imagination, dreams have the power to take us to any destination we choose... Another Time, Another Place.

MORNING DANCER - (Richard Palalay / Pat Walker)
"And when the night meets the dawn, I'm here thinking of you. Then in a dream, I can't believe what I see - it's you Morning Dancer and Me." - Lyrics by Pat Walker

SEPTEMBER - (Richard Palalay)
The distant voices of a dream echo through the autumn mist to remind us another year has passed.