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Island Time Island Time

Christopher Peacock
51 minutes

Quiet chamber music featuring Peacock's original compositions and classical variations, including Debussy's "Clair de Lune", Bach's "Jesu Joy" and Chopin's "Prelude." Piano, cello, oboe and guitar will slow your pace to Island Time.

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AEOLIAN - (Peacock)
Respected by the sailor and master of his destiny. Never to be seen but forever sculpting the land and sea. A touch from the mythical Greek God Aeolus... the wind.

CANTATA - (Bach/Peacock)
J.S. Bach... no composer has so successfully united the emotional and intellectual drives of the human spirit.

THE RAIN AND THE FLOWER - (Richard Palalay)
As the rain is the source for flowers' beauty, the imagination is the source for an artist's vision... thank you, my friend, for such beautiful music.

MELEMAI - (Peacock)
I give a gift to my new daughter of Hawaiian heritage. Her heartbeat overwhelms me. Melemai... my music.

PRELUDE - (Opus 28, No. 4 - Chopin/Peacock)
Seeking solitary refuge, Chopin wrote his preludes on the island of Majorca. This prelude inspired me to the piano.

ISLAND TIME - (Darrell Data/Peacock)
On an island, the sun rises majestically out of the water, yet always returns as gracefully back into the distant sea. It is the only timepiece an islander need respect.

REUNION - (Peacock)
In the distance, the small country church, its steeple reaching toward the sky, sits as an island on the horizon to celebrate me home.

A nightscape... the full moon, reflecting brilliantly in the water and silouetting nearby islands... reveals the universe to our imagination.

As islands provide for a natural, isolated environment to reflect within ourselves, let the image we find provide for the unexpected.